4AM MiracleAlex DwyerAndy Mackinaw
B-12BlairBreaking News
Cal ShanleyDanny TrippDarius Hawthorne
Darren WellsDylan KillingtonEli Weinraub
Gage Whitney PaceHallie GallowayHarriet Hayes
Herb SheldonJack RudolphJeannie Whatley
Jerry JonesJordan McDeereK&R - Part 1
K&R - Part 2K&R - Part 3Kevin Yu
Kim TaoLenny GoldLilly Rodriguez
Lucy KenwrightLuke ScottMaisie
Martha O'DellMary TateMarylyn Rudolph
Matt AlbieMondayNBS
Nevada Day - Part 1Nevada Day - Part 2Pilot
Ricky TahoeRobert "Bobby" BebeRon Oswald
Samantha LiShelley GreenSimon Stiles
Studio 60 (Studio)Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip (NBS)Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip Wiki
SuzanneThe Big ThreeThe Christmas Show
The Cold OpenThe Disaster ShowThe Focus Group
The Friday Night SlaughterThe Harriett Dinner - Part 1The Harriett Dinner - Part 2
The Long Lead StoryThe Option PeriodThe West Coast Delay
The Wrap PartyTom JeterTunney Media Group
WendyWes MendellWhat Kind of Day Has It Been
Wilson WhiteZhang Tao
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File:0000035048 20061021052157.jpgFile:02 Alex Dwyer.jpgFile:711px-Jerry jones.jpg
File:711px-Studio 60 Exterior.jpgFile:711px-Wilson White.jpgFile:719px-Full episode promote new 08.jpg
File:719px-Ricky Tahoe.jpgFile:719px-Ron oswald.jpgFile:719px-Samantha Li.jpg
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File:Studio-60-on-the-Sunset-Strip-amanda-peet-238876 1920 1440.jpgFile:Studio60.jpgFile:Studio60cast.jpg
File:Studio60complete.jpgFile:Studio 60 sarah paulson.jpgFile:Studio 60 title card.jpg
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